Sentier des casots – English

Casots path

In 1415 by an act of law, the Lord of Sureda granted his subjects the right to clear and work the wasteland called Las Dechs. The implementation of Tallat i sembrat allowed the people to cultivate the land for their personal use.

After the revolution this right was reprised in the civil code, but it was only in 1839 that the township allowed the distribution of vacant land under the title Le Dex. Once cleared the land was divided into plots then planted with seeds or trees.

The rise in wine production at the begnning of the 20th century gradually led the inhabitants of Sorede to replace their food crops with vines in these tallats. The soil was poor and working conditions difficult.  The harvest was lean, but the wine, excellent, was selling well. The casots  or barraques (stone shelters) we can see on many plots bear witness to the attachment the Soredians had for them. Progressive mechanisation in the vineyards on land more suitable to vine cultivation rendered the tallats obsolete and led to their disappearance in the 60s and 70s.

This path enables us to appreciate the extent of the work that our ancestors had to do here.

We hope you enjoy your walk.

Association PASTOR